Emergency Data Recovery

What We Can Recover

  • Hard Drive Recovery

    Get your lost data restored with the original file structure and a quick turn-around time. Our technicians are qualified and expert in recovering data sufficiently from both mechanically and logically failed drives regardless of make and model or the manufacturer.

  • Raid Recovery

    We provide emergency service and privacy for your data. Our RAID recovery specialists work in a secured facility to keep your data confidential and provide you the fastest recovery turn-around available in industry from any Server or RAID configuration.

  • SQL Recovery

    We understand urgency of irreplaceable data, our certified data recovery specialists have highest level of expertise to restore email clients (Outlook, Exchange, Thunderbird, etc.) recover databases (Access, SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Lotus, Peachtree.) intact regardless of manufacturer / software.

  • iPhone Recovery

    Get all your files/folders, databases, emails, itunes, pictures, contacts, music, text files, etc. back from your failed or broken iPhone, iPod, iMac or iPad with the help of our expert technicians.

  • Cell Phone Recovery

    We understand importance of personal data (contacts, pictures, videos, text files, emails) stored in cell phone, in today’s life. Our technician’s expertize in data recovery from any smart phone (Android phone, iPhone, windows etc.) whether corrupted, dead, broken or deleted data.

  • SD Card/Flash Drive Recovery

    Size (or manufacturers) don’t matter. Our experienced technicians expertize in retaining data from mini storage devices. We understand you cannot afford losing memories in pictures, videos or other media. We offer quick services to restore data as soon as possible.

    • Free

      • Diagnostics Time: 2-3 Days
      • Recovery Time: 2 Weeks
      • Free FedEx Shipping
      • Dedicated Representative
      • _ _ _
    • Silver

      $ 159
      • Diagnostics Time: 5 Hours
      • Recovery Time: 4 Days
      • Free FedEx Shipping
      • Free Media Pickup
      • _ _ _
    • Gold

      $ 399
      • Diagnostics Time: 4 Hours
      • Recovery Time: 4 Days
      • Weekend Recovery
      • Free Media Pickup
      • _ _ _
    • Diamond

      $ 799
      • Diagnostics Time: 3 Hours
      • Recovery Time: 48 Hours
      • Dedicated Engineer
      • Weekend Recovery
      • Free Media Pickup
    • Platinum

      $ 1599
      • Diagnostics Time: 2 Hours
      • Recovery Time: ASAP
      • Continued Process
      • Dedicated Clean-room
      • High-Security Data Vault

Why Choose Our Data Recovery Services?

  • The Best Tools and Techniques in the Industry

    We are industry leading data recovery experts and state-of- the-art R&D pioneers in our field. In situations that require invasive repair, your media will be serviced in a certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom environment by highly trained and certified digital technicians.
  • Ready Whenever You Need Us – 24/7/365

    We understand that having your data retrieved efficiently is a must. Our Emergency Service Technicians are available around the clock to recover your data in as little as 24 hours! Our online customer service representatives also available 24 hours a day at www.dataretainers.com.
  • Secure, Confidential, Professional

    We at Data Retainers guarantee that all data is protected from third party access throughout entire recovery process. Safeguarding the customer’s data is our top priority and hence we allow only authorized users to access sensitive or protected data. We regularly conduct scheduled laboratory audits to consistently uphold the company’s security policies
  • No Risk, No Obligation, Free Evaluation

    We offer FREE diagnostics testing with results in just 2-3 days! Our technicians will evaluate your media to determine whether the data can be recovered. If recovery is possible, we will provide you with a list of service packages available to you with the corresponding cost structure.
  • Customer Service You Can Actually Count On

    Our customer’s trust and satisfaction is our top priority for every case we handle. Thus, we assign a service technician to every case to ensure that our customer’s have constant access to the information they need. Your assigned service technician will provide you with frequent status updates.
  • Experience You Can Trust

    All of our technicians are Microsoft certified, GSA licensed, electrical engineers. Every technician undergoes our extensive training program, focused on data recovery and digital investigation. The success rates of the cases our technicians handle are among the highest in the industry

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